ClearCorrect Aligners in Tempe AZ

ClearCorrect Aligners

If you’re ready for a straight, beautiful smile, we can correct your orthodontic concerns in our Tempe, Arizona office. Our practice has years of experience helping patients like you address crooked teeth, overbites, tooth crowding, and gaps with ClearCorrect clear aligners.

ClearCorrect Tempe AZ

What is ClearCorrect?

In the past, correcting orthodontic issues meant years of wearing bulky, painful braces. Today, however, you can achieve a perfectly aligned smile without the hassle and visibility of braces. ClearCorrect is a series of clear plastic aligners that slowly move your teeth into place. We create aligners that gradually and gently shift your teeth into position using molds and state-of-the-art modeling software. You’ll work with our highly skilled team throughout your treatment - ensuring you receive the safest and most effective treatment plan possible.

Is ClearCorrect better than braces?

Braces realign teeth through a series of wires and brackets. This process usually entails years of painful treatment and a grin full of metal. Since the brackets are relatively delicate, braces come with a long list of food restrictions and a tedious care routine. Most patients find ClearCorrect to be an outstanding alternative to traditional braces.

ClearCorrect invisible aligners are virtually undetectable - most people will not even know you’re wearing them. Since the aligners are removable, you can still enjoy your favorite foods, and there’s no need for specialized tools to care for your teeth during treatment. Most patients find ClearCorrect far less painful than braces as well. Since the aligners move teeth gently, most patients experience some pressure, but not the pain many experience during braces adjustments.

ClearCorrect Cost

The price for ClearCorrect in Tempe can vary, depending on a few different factors. To provide you with a precise quote, we will need to evaluate your bite, have our care coordinators incorporate your insurance benefit details (if applicable), and review other factors that could influence your treatment. Fortunately, after your initial exam, you’ll have a good idea as to the length and cost of ClearCorrect for your given situation.

Here are some things to consider:

The Type of Insurance Benefits Coverage You Have

Depending on the type of dental benefits plan you carry; your benefits may include orthodontic coverage in some situations. Our treatment coordinators will communicate with your carrier to get an itemized breakdown of what’s included. Please note that if you don’t have insurance coverage on braces, we offer flexible payment plan options for every budget.

How Long Your Treatment Will Take

The length of time required to correct your bite influences how many pairs of aligners you’ll need. And the number of aligners required can significantly impact the total cost of ClearCorrect. Some people need far fewer, while others need more.

Existing Gum or Dental Problems

Active decay/cavities or gum disease must be addressed before initiating any type of orthodontic treatment. However, ClearCorrect can be used alongside gum therapy to help reduce your risk of recurring infection!

Contact our office to reserve an exam to receive a precise breakdown of which fees may be involved.

Alternatives to ClearCorrect


Braces are the best-known alternative to ClearCorrect. Both braces and ClearCorrect straighten teeth under the supervision of a dentist or orthodontist. Braces gradually move teeth into the correct position by regular adjustments to move teeth into the proper place. Most patients wear braces for about 18-24 months, but the exact length of treatment depends on each patient’s specific needs.

At home straightening:

At-home clear aligners have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. This option offers some time and cost savings. However, all supervision is held virtually, which makes it very difficult to catch and prevent potentially serious oral health issues during treatment.

ClearCorrect Tempe AZ

What is the Process for Getting ClearCorrect?

Your first step in getting ClearCorrect is an initial consultation with our team. During this meeting, we’ll determine if you’re a good fit for ClearCorrect aligners and discuss your goals for your smile. 

Following this consultation, we’ll use 3D imaging to create your unique series of aligners. After we’ve created your aligners, you’ll begin treatment. Our team will monitor your progress as your teeth shift and you advance through the aligner trays.

How long do I need to wear ClearCorrect?

Most patients wear aligners for approximately 12-18 months. However, the precise length of time required for treatment depends on the scope of treatment and how consistently you wear your aligners. Patients should wear their aligners 23 hours per day for optimal results - only removing them to eat and care for their teeth.

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